International Water-Chemical Forum on 21-23 October, 2014

The Institute of Physical Organic Chemistry of National Academy of Sciences together with JSC "Belenergoremnaladka" organizes regular III International Water Chemistry Forum, which will take place in Minsk (Belarus) from 21 to 23 October 2014

The purpose of the Forum is to inform the professionals about advanced foreign and domestic water treatment technologies in various industries, materials and equipment, the experience in their application and implementation in practice, promotion of promising scientific and technological developments.
Registration of participants is extended until October 8, 2014, presentation materials should be sent before October 15, 2014.



1. The status and prospects of development of water treatment in Russian energy industry (on Russian TPP)
2. The relevance of instrument control of water-chemical regimes at power utilities
3. The units for preparation and dosing of reagents in water treatment systems
4. Demineralized water and water-chemical regime
5. Ion exchange resins TOKEM
6. Features of usage of fibrous sorbents in water treatment processes
7. Design of wastewater treatment plants for cities and enterprises
8. Resource-saving and closed circuits of water treatment systems
9. Reagent programs IN-ECO for maintenance and operation of reverse osmosis plants and ultrafiltration
10. Increasing the stability and efficiency of the water circulation cooling systems through the integrated application of modern reagent programs and automation and control
11. Adjustment and optimization of modes of water treatment systems based on reverse osmosis using a chemical treatment of water
12. The experience of training membrane specialists at D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
13. The operating experience of ultrafiltration plant at mini-TPP "Eastern"
14. Water softening by nanofiltration. Advantages and disadvantages
15. Catalytically active membrane materials for water purification
16 Quality control and experience of usage of ion exchangers for water desalination at TPP and NPP
17. Fibrous cationites for water purification from heavy metals and iron
18. Current control for improving the efficiency of the biological purification of wastewater

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