International Water-Chemical Forum on 15-17 May, 2012

The Institute of Physical&Organic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is organizing II International Water-Chemical Forum on 15-17 May, 2012 (Minsk, Belarus)

The conference is aimed to develop appropriate countermeasures and the to facilitate coordination of the efforts of academicians, university teachers and students, representatives of authorities responsible for environmental regulation, technology developers, manufacturers and service providers to solve technological water problems and protect water.



1. Removal of ammonium from polluted water by pine and modified pine cone powder as biosorbent
2. New fiber sorbents from natural organic substances for water treatment
3. Membrane and sorbtion methods for pre-purification water
4. Some physico-chemical features of fresh water resources in mugla province private environment protection area and logical use of these resources for the next generation
5. Catalytic deaeration water treatment pilot plant
6. Filters based on granular compositions and silicate ceramics for the technical water supply systems.
7. Sorbtion technologies of surface water purification from oil spillages
8. Drainage and distribution systems based on porous materials obtained by the methods of powder metallurgy
9. Nanofiltration. Achievements, possibilities, prospects
10. Tasks and problems of modern water treatment plant.
11. Ingeneering concept of combating corrosion.
12. The surface water treatment of Minsk-Vileyka system
13. New catalytic and membrane materials for water purification
14. Adsorbtion purification of water from surface-active substances by using coal adsorbents
15. Biological waste water treatment with deep removal of nitrogen and phosphorus
16. Researches on the demineralization by using electro dialysis.
17. The possibilities of the reverse osmosis
18. The division of water-oil emulsions by coalescent-membrane methode
19. Membrane methods of water purification for energetics. Innovative solutions in water treatment.

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