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Ultrafiltration equipment on the basis of hollow fibre elements

Ultrafiltration module on the basis of cassette elements


1. Development of synthesis and production methods for the ultra- and microfiltration membranes’ preparation based on a wide range of polymers:

  • cellulose and its derivatives
  • polysulfone
  • aromatic polyamide
  • polyacrylonitrile

2) Designing technological processes of membrane separation for liquid mixtures

3) Pilot systems and industrial units fitted with:

  • plate-in-frame membrane modules
  • hollow fibre membrane elements
  • cassette membrane modules
  • rolled membrane modules


1) The food-processing industry

  • Processing of dairy products (cheese whey, skim milk)
  • Clarification of fruit and berry juices and wine materials
  • Water preparation

2) Pharmaceutical industry

  • Concentrating and clearing of ferment preparations
  • Purification of the protein, peptide and polyvinylpyrrolidone solutions
  • Clarifying and sterilizing filtration of the water-alcohol tinctures of a ginseng and pink rodiola, naftizine solutions
  • Separating of a biomass from cultural liquids, purification of technological environments of the lysine, leucine and tryptophan manufactures
  • Recovering and purification of the biologically active polysaccharide and their derivatives
3) The chemical industry, metal working, ecology
  • Recycling fulfilled water-oil cooling liquids
  • Regeneration of the fulfilled washing solutions
  • Water preparation
  • Sewage treatment from dyes and mineral oil.

ULTRAFILTRATION MEMBRANES MIFIL represent porous anisotropic a film with thin (0.5 - 5 µm) the active layer basing on highly porous substructure from the same polymeric material. The membrane is deposited on reinforcing support from a non-woven polyester or propylene giving to it a necessary complex of mechanical characteristics. The asymmetric structure provides a combination of high filtration efficiency and solutes rejection. Membranes MIFIL are produced in the form of continuous cloth in width of 400 mm, stored and transported in a dry kind. It is possible to prepare the membranes in the form of plates, disks, cassettes and other configurations.
MIFIL-AC - hydrophilic membranes on a basis cellulose diacetate. Membranes AC-50 and AC-100 are analogues of industrial membranes of series UAM, however, as against the last, have the increased productivity and are produced in a dry kind. Membrane AC-300 has no domestic analogues. Membranes of AC series are intended for fractioning, purification and concentrating of solutions of synthetic and natural high-molecular substances, colloids, the viruses, clarifying filtration in various industries. They are characterized low adsorption ability to protein substances, low blocking.
MIFIL-RC - high hydrophilic membranes on the basis of the regenerated cellulose. Distinguish low nonspecific adsorption ability to proteins, enzymes, low blocking and high stability to action of organic solvents, detergents, mineral oil.
MIFIL-PAN - moderate hydrophilic membranes on the basis of acrylonitrile copolymers, distinguished by high stability to action of fats, mineral oil. In comparison with cellulose, membranes on a basis polyacrylonitrile provide the high protein rejection. Membranes PAN-10 and the PAN-20 having a narrow pore size distribution, are recommended for separation of the solutions of proteins, biologically active substances, medical products. The membrane PAN-100I is specially developed for sewage treatment and has the high stability to contamination by dissolved or colloid compounds of iron.
MIFIL-PA - moderately hydrophilic membranes on the basis of aromatic polyamide. Are intended for ultrafiltration of foodstuffs, separation of the solutions of high-molecular and biologically active substances. Are analogues polysulfoneamide membranes of series UPM, however, as against the last, having narrower pore size distribution and the high chemical stability.
MIFIL-PS - moderately hydrophobic membranes on the basis of aromatic polysulfone. Surpass in stability to alkalis, the acids, washing agents other types of membranes MIFIL. Are recommended for using in biotechnology, food, pharmaceu-tical and other industries.
MIFIL-PA-M - a new type of the composite membranes received by surface modification of aromatic polyamide ultrafiltration membranes. Distinguish the high fouling stability, high rejection in relation to "average" molecules (1000-5000D). Are produced as cassette and hollow fibre elements.


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