Chemical technologies, materials and the new equipment.
Joint R & D IFOCH NASB and "АCТЕCH" ST Ltd.

Group of mecha-nochemistry of high molecular compound
mechanochemical modification, carboxymethyl-cellulose, starch, glueying, potato processing, juice, feed additives, polyurethane sieves and liners, compaund, lacquer, mastic, complexes with selenites

Technologies for mechanomodification of the structure of carboxyl methylcellulose solutions and those for the intensive gluey ability of starch solutions were developed and realized in the industry. Increase of technological efficiency in 1.5 times; decrease of energy consumption 3 times. The productive capacity of the equipment is 1.1 - 20 tons per hour.

A technology for production of reagent-depressor for suppressing of breed activity at floatation enrichment of potash ores has been developed and realized in industry. Pressing potato pulp, mechanomodification in high-speed disintegrators, 10 tons per hour. Reduction of import of reagents on ~1 million per one year.

A waste-free technology for processing of potato is being in the final stage of development.

New high-deterioration polyurethane compositions:
- polyurethane slot-hole sieves for classification of ores:
increase of longevity of operation in 4 times compared to analogues made from stainless steel.

-protection of units of the industrial equipment by polyurethane liner:
cases of pumps, centrifuges, hydrocyclones;
impeller of floatation machines;

stators of screw pumps.
Increase of lifetime of the equipment 2 times.

Development of compositions, production of "small chemistry " aiming displacing of import :


Development and optimization ConstFlash