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Syntheses and the Main Properties of Fiban Fibrous Ion Exchangers

V.S. Soldatov

The works on synthesis and main properties of fibrous ion exchangers are reviewed in the paper. The main attention is paid to the FIBAN materials found practical applications in water treatment and air purification processes. The following methods for preparation of ion exchange fibers have been considered: mechanical mixing of inert fiber-forming polymer solutions or melts with finely dispersed ion-exchangers with their following spinning into fibers; preparation of composite fibers containing polymeric reinforcement in the polyelectrolyte body; spinning of specially prepared polymers containing ionizable groups and having fiber-forming properties; grafting of ionogenic polymers (or polymers in which ionogenic groups can be introduced after grafting) onto polymer chains of the existing polymer fiber; polymeranalogues conversion of existing polymeric fibers by introducing in their structure ionizable functional groups. Conditions for preparation of ion exchange fibers with high exchange capacity, optimal swelling and acceptable mechanical properties have been outlined.

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