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Effect of the Distribution of Palladium over the Cross Section of an Ion-Exchanger Fiber on Catalyst Activity in a Water Deoxygenation Process

Yu.G. Yegiazarov, M.F. Gorbatsevich, Ye.N. Yermolenko, L.L. Potapova, A.Yu. Volodin, B.Kh. Cherches, A.A. Shunkevich, V.V. Korotkevich

A procedure for the preparation of a fibrous palladium-containing catalyst for the removal of dissolved oxygen from water was developed. This procedure includes the preliminary modification of an anion-exchanger fiber with carboxylate ions, which makes it possible to localize metal clusters in a thin subsurface layer of a fiber at the subsequent stages of the ion-exchange introduction of palladium into the carrier and the reduction of palladium. It was found that the higher activity of fibrous palladium-containing catalysts based on the citrate forms of anion exchangers, as compared with that of samples based on the chloride forms, was due to the predominant arrangement of reduced metal clusters on the external surface and an adjacent thin layer of the fiber.

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